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 menu for Feb 13th - 17th  

Cup or bowl or cup w/ side salad

w/ side green salad


w/ cup, w/ salad, w both 

Scrumptious cheeses w/ fruit and flat crackers
 5- 16.99/3-11.99
(kitchen’s choice - any changes add $2)

Big Green – arugula, carrots, pickled beets, 
goat cheese and pistachios 8.99

Chicken Salad – w/ dried cranberries, pecans in a light creamy citrus sauce 9.50

Trois Salade – a scoop of chicken salade, 
a scoop of broccoli salad 
and a small green side salade 9.50

w/ choice of broccoli salad or kettle chips

Chicken Salad on a Croissant – 
w/ tomatoes and spring mix 9.99

Prosciutto & Butternut Naan Pizza – w/ fontina, goat cheese, arugula and balsamic onions 10.99  

S.B.E.A.L.T. – on torta roll w/ salmon, thick cut bacon, emmental, squished avocado, lime mayo, spring mix and tomatoes 11.99

Flank Steak & Brie – on rosemary parm bread 
w/ tomatoes, sweet- sour grain mustard mayo 
and spring mix 10.99

Grilled Gouda & Mushroom – w/ spinach and 
thyme apricot preserve on wheat bread 9.99

All made in house from scratch

(For children 10 and under)
Peanut Butter and Jelly  4.75
Fresh Fruit & Cheese Plate 6.25

Don’t forget we cut specialty cheese by the pound.
We have wonderful (but ugly) baked goods you may order.
Also custom gift baskets for any occasion.

We are here Tuesday – Saturday • 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Takeout orders are welcomed. We are happy to offer catering To Go.
Please call us @ 706-212-7349 
Fromage’s lips are RED but our to-go boxes are GREEN.  

Almost anything you might want or need.

Please feel free to pay us with: 
Cash, Check • Visa • MasterCard • Discover 
or 1st born child!!!

• Ask about our lunch club card •

Thank You, Please Come Again Soon!

706-212-7349 • 31 Earl Street • Clayton, GA 30525 • www.fromageclayton.com